Sun Protection Zone Personal Flotation Device

Personal Flotation Device, Sun Protection Zone, PFD

The popular outdoor apparel manufacture Sun Protection Zone has introduced a new Personal Flotation Device (PFD) to the marketplace as an accessory to their line of sun protective clothing and products. The device is a belt pack style PFD designed specifically for stand up paddling. The following design features are included:

  • USCG Approved (when worn properly), Type V Inflatable PFD with Type III Performance
  • Auto Co2 Inflation with Pull Tab
  • Manual Oral Inflation Tube
  • Adult Universal (30-52 inch chest)
  • Intended Weight Range: +80 lbs
  • Emergency Whistle
  • Zippered Pouch

SUP Examiner’s Take on the Personal Flotation Device

Belt pack style PFDs are widely used by stand up paddlers around the world. The Sun Protection Zone model has all the required safety features necessary to be compliant with Personal Flotation Device, Sun Protection Zone, PFDU.S. laws, including an emergency whistle – a simple item often overlooked by some manufacturers. The device is designed to be worn with the belt clasp in the front, just as you would wear a belt. Auto inflation is achieved by pulling the pull tab. Should the auto inflation fail, there is a secondary manual oral inflation tube. The oral inflation tube can also be used to top off the air, if needed, when the PFD is inflated. The zippered pouch is a convenient feature not found on all PFDs and is suitable for holding small items. The device is intuitive and easy to use – exactly what paddlers want from a PFD.

Always read the label on your personal flotation device for a list of complete operating instructions. Rules and regulations governing the use of PFDs may vary from country to country. Always consult local regulations to verify compliance. Wearing a PFD while stand up paddling is not a substitute for knowing how to swim. Learn the local conditions and your own limitations before entering the water. If you are unfamiliar with how to use a PFD, practice inflating it and putting it on prior to paddling.

Disclosure: SUP Examiner received a sample personal flotation device from Sun Protection Zone, however, the opinions expressed are our own.



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