The Hala Luya

Hala Gear, the Steamboat Springs, Colorado-based stand up paddleboard company, announced the unveiling of a new highly stable, punch-and-rise whitewater inflatable stand up paddleboard at the 2015 Outdoor Retailer. Dubbed the Hala Luya, this big-water/whitewater SUP takes performance design to a new level and river play to new heights.

The board’s innovation centers on the Hala Luya’s shaped inflatable rail using patent-pending DoubleStack construction. The lower chamber of the board is based the Hala Atcha 86, Hala Gear’s smaller whitewater performance board. Hala then integrated an upper chamber which overhangs the lower board to provide enhanced secondary stability. The two chambers are connected by a taut layer of PVC that provides a shaped chine like the designs found on whitewater kayaks.

“It has the shaping capabilities of a hard board mixed with the myriad of advantages found on an inflatable,” says company founder Peter Hall. “The result of this unique design is a board with significant punch and rise that generates stability and balance. As water pressure pushes the board up out of a hole, its shaped rails help balance and counterbalance it. And its shorter shape means the board escapes from holes and rides down the back more quickly.”

Hall added that the Luya’s high nose rocker keeps the board moving forward in whitewater and makes it great for catching surf on the fly when descending a river. “It’s forgiving bow shape makes unpredictable whitewater much easier to manage,” he says.

Hala Luya Specs:

  • 8’8” x 38” x 6”+ 3”
  • Weight: 34 lb.
  • Volume: 375 L
  • Center stomp box
  • 4” side click fins

SUP Examiner’s Take

Hala Gear, Hala Luya, Outdoor Retailer, Payette River Games

Testing the Hala Luya at the Outdoor Retailer Open Air Demo Day.

We had the chance to spend a fair amount of time with Hala Gear this past week at the Outdoor Retailer Open Air Demo Day and throughout the trade show testing everything from the whitewater optimized Hala Luya and Hala Atcha to the all-around Hala Straight Up. One of our test riders purchased a Straight Up earlier this summer after we first became acquainted with the brand at the Payette River Games and he swears it is the best all waters SUP on the market.

We took the Hala Luya out for a test ride on Utah’s Pineview Reservoir during the Open Air Demo Day at Outdoor Retailer last week. It was like a Cadillac on the reservoir in the light chop stirred up by the myriad of paddlers demoing a variety of watercraft. Pineview Reservoir is a far cry from the rapids on the Payette River back at Kelly’s Whitewater Park. Nevertheless, based on our experience at the Payette River Games, we could readily see the benefits conveyed by the Hala Luya’s unique design attributes.

In contrast to many SUP brands which were invariably conceived in an ocean environment, Hala Gear was born in the whitewater mountain rivers of western Colorado. Their growing range of inflatable stand up paddleboards offers great introductory boards for recreational paddlers interested in taking the plunge into the world of whitewater paddling and proven shapes for paddlers to progress into experienced river runners. In addition to an all-around, rugged design and construction, one of our favorite features on the Hala boards is the large raised stomp pad which any whitewater paddler will attest is a useful element for finding your position when maneuvering through fast moving water.

About Hala Gear

Launched in 2011 by Steamboat Springs athlete Peter Hall, Hala Gear set out to produce boards that served accomplished and aspiring whitewater paddlers, inland surfers, and flat-water adventurers. With a meticulous design and testing process, Hall has created a collection which delivers maneuverability and stability to whitewater, touring, racing and expedition categories of stand up paddling. Hala boards are performance shaped, extremely durable, and excel in all waterways. Learn more at:

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