SUP Training the Smart Way Offers Time Tested Tips and Techniques

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SUP Training the Smart Way

If you are a recreational/intermediate SUP racer looking to improve your performance at your next event, SUP Training the Smart Way, by Chase Kosterlitz offers paddlers a well-written, comprehensive guide to training that is literally guaranteed to help you improve. The book is neatly organized into nine primary sections ranging from technique to equipment and you will find the most weighty topics surrounding fitness and training strategically placed in the middle. The content is based on the author’s long tenure as an athlete and is written in an engaging style in which even well worn topics such as paddling technique come across to a reader as fresh and informative.SUP training the smart way

Starting with the basics of the SUP paddling technique, SUP Training the Smart Way wades into what is likely somewhat familiar territory for the majority of readers in the book’s target audience. Understanding the target audience is key here. If you are already using a structured training program, then this book may not be for you. This training manual grew out of the author’s passion for the sport of stand up paddling and his desire to share his knowledge to help foster the sustainable grown of competitive SUP racing.

From the opening section on technique, the content transitions into a chapter on setting goals before diving into the elements of fitness necessary to build a successful training program. The following chapter aptly titled Training Smart drives home the key components necessary to make the most of your time on the water. In essence, this is the heart of the distinction between simply going for a paddle and training while paddling. After walking the reader through the building blocks of how to train more efficiently, the author lays out a basic 16 week training program which is easily customized to accommodate a range of schedules and goals.

Kosterlitz then provides a substantial overview on developing a race strategy – something easily overlooked by recreational racers, but a key element to positioning yourself to perform at your highest potential on race day. Nutrition, an equally important factor in any serious training regimen, is then discussed. The chapter provides an informative template to complement your training plan and like the rest of the book, is geared for someone who may be new to endurance sports and looking for guidance and inspiration to match their body’s dietary requirements with their desired performance objectives.

SUP Training the Smart Way concludes with a chapter on equipment where everything from the paddle to the fins are discussed. Although it isn’t a buyer’s guide, the chapter does offer a number of good tips for consideration as you transition from a recreational paddler to a serious SUP competitor.

Published as an eBook, SUP Training the Smart Way is a comprehensive SUP training guide and 16 week SUP training program available for $39.99.

Disclosure: SUP Examiner received a complimentary copy of the book, however, the opinions expressed are our own.

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