MOCKE Rapid Hydration Bladder

MOCKE Rapid Hydration Bladder

Dawid and Nikki Mocke are world champion paddlers from Fish Hoek, South Africa.  Their athletic careers began on the beach and in the surf as “Nipper” lifesavers, and progressed until they had the opportunity to represent South Africa in Ocean Lifesaving.  During this time they also competed in flat-water marathon, river marathon and flat-water sprint paddling, as well as open ocean surf ski racing and have enjoyed success at the highest levels of international competition.

Back in 2006, Dawid decided to design a PFD that would meet South African safety requirements, yet retain his desired performance attributes.  Initially unsure of what to call it, the “MOCKE” brand was born.  The young company’s PFD was soon followed by other products all of which are designed with performance in mind.

MOCKE Rapid Hydration Bladder


  • Quick & easy refill design
  • Fast flowing bite valve
  • 1.5 liter capacity
  • BPA and PVC Free
  • Reversible for easy cleaning
  • Removable drink tube with 180° swivel function
  • Compatible with most hydration packs

SUP Examiner’s Take

MOCKE Rapid Hydration Bladder turned inside out with the rigid top portion folded down for cleaning/drying.
MOCKE Rapid Hydration Bladder turned inside out with the rigid top portion folded down for cleaning/drying.

The Rapid Hydration Bladder is SUP Examiner’s go to hydration bladder. Two features set this product apart from most hydration bladders from other manufacturers. First, the wide mouth on the top of the Rapid Hydration Bladder makes filling the bladder and mixing endurance products a simple process. The sliding clip which secures the top works exactly as its makers intended. The top section of the bladder is made of a rigid plastic which easily folds down and creates a solid seal when the clip is slid across the track to secure the bladder. No leaks! Secondly, the bladder is reversible, which makes it extremely easy to clean and dry. No longer do you need to wedge something into a small hole to prop open your bladder to dry it after use. Note, when turning the bladder inside out, do not turn the rigid plastic section along the top inside out, e.g. do not turn the entire bladder inside out. Instead, simply fold the rigid plastic top section down over the lower half of the bladder as indicated in the accompanying photo.

The drink tube easily detaches from the bladder and is operated via a one way valve which is engaged when the drink tube is attached, therefore, you do not have to worry about any liquid leaking out of the bladder when the tube is not attached. This feature makes filling the MOCKE Rapid Hydration Bladder easy as you don’t have to worry about the drink tube dangling in the way.

The bite valve is operated by first pulling the nub out from the drinking tube. The bite valve comes with a rugged cover which works great to keep sand and dirt off the bite valve when not in use. SUP Examiner did find the bite valve cover can get in the way at times while paddling with the hydration bladder in a race where you have a lot of rapid movement, but this can be easily remedied by securing it to the drink tube with a small rubber band or piece of string.

Disclaimer: MOCKE provided SUP Examiner with a sample product for evaluation, however, the opinions expressed are our own.


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