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ALOHA Collection Splash-Proof Pouches

Introducing the ALOHA Collection Part of being a standup paddler is a constant thirst for travel and adventure, even if that simply means exploring...
l'il sucker, paddlexaminer, hala nass, standup paddling, lake dillon, paddling, sup

L’il Sucker: Simple and Effective Way to Secure a Bottle

Smart and useful – that’s how I’d describe L’il Suckers. L’il Suckers are neoprene donuts which can be used to keep...
Lake Estes, PaddleXaminer, Hala Gear, Hala Nass

Lake Estes: The Rocky Mountains Offer More Than Just Whitewater Paddling

As a kid growing up in Nebraska, my family made annual summer trips to Estes Park, Colorado...
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The 66th Annual Molokai Hoe Launches October 7th

Storied outrigger canoe race from Molokai to Oahu On October 12, 1952, three traditional Koa outrigger canoes launched through...
Carbon Hala Nass, Hala Gear, Lake Dillon, SUP Examiner, Pumped Up Paddler

Examining the Carbon Hala Nass Inflatable SUP

Gear Review: Carbon Hala Nass Inflatable SUP The 12’6” Carbon Hala Nass inflatable standup paddleboard is a good all around board. When I first bought...