Tips from the Top with Jim Terrell

Phases of the Stroke, Quickblade Paddles, stand up paddling, jim terrell

Insights from Jim Terrell

Often imitated, four time Olympian and founder of Quickblade Paddles, Jim Terrell’s Phases of the Stroke have built the foundation of learning for stand up paddlers around the world. “The difference between a really, really good stand up paddler and an intermediate stand up paddler are all the fine little details,” said Terrell.

Terrell’s first race was in 1971 on the Little Miami River in rural Ohio where he competed in a 12 and under sprint race with his next door neighbor, Chris Beck. “If I remember correctly, he was 12 and I was 6, we won a second place trophy,” Terrell said.

The accomplished athlete and coach is often seen competing in races around the world and enjoys paddling with friends and the people for which he makes paddles. “I like SUP in that you are able to see more and engage more of your body than any other paddling discipline I have done,” he said, while citing his favorite events as the Carolina Cup, the Battle of the Paddle and Germany’s Lost Mills race.

“My goals as a coach are to have the athlete I coach attain the best results within their ability and yet at the same time, have the most fun and develop the best friendships along the way,” said Terrell.

The accompanying graphic produced by Quickblade Paddles breaks down each of the four phases: Catch, Power Phase, Exit and Recovery and illuminates the importance of adhering to proper paddling technique.

Phases of the Stroke, Quickblade Paddles, stand up paddling, jim terrell
Jim Terrell’s Phases of the Stroke



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